WP Badge is a wordpress plugin that adds a personalized badge for your blog at your leisure.
In fact you can customize the text of the button, URL, color and position.
We used up to now only a badge that read “Follow Me on Twitter” but …
Why be forced to advertise my Twitter account??

There must be someone who wants to put a link to her pleasure!

Well, with WP Badge you can do it!

Installation is always the same, like all plugins, and the configuration is equally simple.
You’ll need to customize:

– The URL that you want to make clickable.
– Link to open in the same window or another.
– Text of Button;
– Color of Button;
– Color of the text;
– Border color;
– The distance from the top;
– Distance form the side;
-Align of the button (left or right)


WP Badge Screenshot 1

WP Badge screenshot 2

[Very important]

Depending on the length of the text, you will need to adjust the distance from the side, for the correct display of the button.

You may happen not to see the badge on your blog,Non Alarmed!
Just change the distance from the side until you find the position you like.

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